India Israel Agreement on Agriculture Cooperation

India and Israel have recently signed a three-year work program on Agriculture Cooperation that aims to strengthen the ties between the two countries in the field of agricultural research, development, and commercialization.

The agreement was signed at a high-level virtual meeting between the Union Agriculture Minister, Narendra Singh Tomar, and his Israeli counterpart, Alon Schuster.

The work program will focus on the development of new technologies, products, and processes in areas such as irrigation, post-harvest management, and agro-processing. Both countries will also collaborate on research and development of seed technology, livestock management, and precision agriculture.

The partnership between India and Israel in the agriculture sector dates back to 2006 when the two countries signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that laid the foundation for cooperation in agriculture and allied sectors.

Since then, both countries have been working together to take advantage of each other`s strengths and knowledge in the field of agriculture. Israel is a global leader in the field of irrigation, greenhouse cultivation, and post-harvest management while India has a vast and diverse agricultural sector that can benefit from Israeli technology and expertise.

The cooperation between India and Israel in agriculture has already yielded positive results. In recent years, Israel has provided India with advanced technologies for irrigation, seed treatment, and crop protection. India has also been able to develop new varieties of crops that are better suited to its climate and soil conditions.

The new agreement between India and Israel will provide a strong impetus to the ongoing collaboration between the two countries in the agricultural sector. It will facilitate the exchange of knowledge and technology between the two countries and provide a boost to the development of innovative agricultural practices.

The agreement also holds the potential to enhance the income and livelihoods of farmers in both countries. India is one of the largest producers of agricultural products in the world, and Israel is known for its high-value agricultural products. The collaboration between the two countries will help increase the productivity and quality of agricultural products, which will benefit both farmers and consumers.

In conclusion, the India-Israel Agreement on Agriculture Cooperation is a significant milestone in the history of collaboration between the two countries in the field of agriculture. It reflects the commitment of both nations to work together to address the challenges faced by the agricultural sector and promote sustainable development in this critical area.